2016 Return to Blog

Its now 2016 and I have completed my final supervised prac. I have learn’t many things along my learning journey and look forward to many adventures to come. I am head down into assignments preparing to complete 5 subjects which is a way to go before i do my internship next year in 2017. Wish I had more time to document teacher tips and more however juggling work, study and kids keeps my hands constantly moving however, I will return.



2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 620 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Learning Intentions Made Explicit

Explicit Teaching was posted by tamara, thank you for sharing. I was  inspired by your post to share an experience I had on prac. As part of an explicit teaching practice we used a visual learning intention checklist, so the students could tick off each stage as they progressed. It was an excellent tool to see who was understanding the task and who needed help.

Drafts look like this:

I am learning to: write about my animal’s habitat
I can:   Use my KWL chart.
  Tell the reader what my habitat is.
  Tell the reader what my habitat looks like. 
  Use Adjectives in my writing.

You can add whatever pictures you like and fit it to the context of the lesson. I loved it because it focused on what the lesson was trying to achieve and It mean’t the students had clear instructions and expectations in front of them. It was a great motivation tool.

I was fortunate enough to work at a school that used colour printed images in almost every lesson. I can see how colour pictures helps students in the younger years and is worth the cost. I plan to use a colour printer at home to ensure lessons are visually appealing because that alone helps enhance student learning. I will be definately using these in my lesson planning for the future!!

Learning path complete, Now its time to Reflect…

It’s now time to reflect on our professional experience and what a big three weeks it has been. During the learning path I came across points about “the Reflective Teacher” which I found to be very useful to start preparing for Assignment 3. 

What is Reflection and Why do we need to do it? Check out Why we need to Reflect? 

Bloom Reflection raises these questions for us to consider when reflecting on our work and lesson plans.

Q 1. What did I do?

Q 2. Did I meet my goals?

Q 3. When did I do this before? Where can I do it again?

Q 4. Did I see any patterns or relationships?

Q 5. How well did I do ? What worked or needs improvement?

Q 6. What should I do next?

Check out Ashleigh’s post about her experience. I too will miss my students, it’s hard when you finally get comfortable after 3 weeks then you have to leave.  Look how far we have all come. This IT course has been full on!! but I am sure we all have learn’t so much that will help us as future teachers. My reflection about the course is that even though there was many things to quickly learn and adjust to it has been a very worthwhile course to engage in and I leave with a positive feeling about using ICT in the classroom.


Queensland Day today

Did you know today was a significant day in the past when we changed from being part of NSW to our own state as QLD !! We had a fun day planned at school for prep to Grade 6. So my last day was leading out dance routines for rotational activities. I am sooo tired we started at 9am and finished at 3pm. A great way to keep fit. Great way to end prac! I hope everyone had a great time.

Under 8’s Day at Prac!

Today was a busy day! Under 8’s day was a success! We were using new technologies so it was exciting to be involved. We had an activity map and it was like attending a theme park. So much planning was involved and I liked how organised the school was. There were back up plans when the ipad cameras froze and we had technical difficulties with the printers. I was a play photographer so I got to experience each station, take shots then post them on the wall for parents to take home. We even had food! Everyone was supportive and positive I would love to work in such a relaxed and caring environment. The theme was EVERYONE CAN PLAY! Teachers and principals were doing the activities it was great to enjoy a day in the park with our students and see children and adults laughing together!