Creative Commons Attribution Tool

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Chronicles of a (pre-service) Teacher

After learning about copyright issues and Creative Commons in the previous week, I was extremely cautious when finding images to use in my online artefact (only searching for Flickr images on the Creative Commons website).

I encountered a problem in attributing the image when I decided to use Prezi instead of a website, as the tool which David introduced to us for attributing Flickr images (ImageCodr) in week three only gave an embed code for use in websites. After having a little panic, I did a little Google search and found this website which embedded the attribution onto the image for you. It’s very quick and easy.

After finding the Flickr image on the Creative Commons website, I had to copy the URL onto ImageCodr to see what license it had, and then I put all the relevant information onto this website before downloading the image…

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Why include ICT’s in the Classroom?

After extensive research and brainstorming reasons why ICT’s are beneficial in the classroom it became evident that iPads have emerged as an iconic device for the 21st century learner.

I invite you to check out my website Mrs Brown’s Grade 2 Class to discover how we have incorporated technology in our classroom.

The Search is on….

It’s Friday and finally I have had success! The image from this weeks tip was taken from a search using google chrome browser and wylio’s website. It worked, Yeah! This week has been an endless task of learning how to find quality images for our assignment. We discovered the importance of making reference and attribution to the owners of images that we use in our presentations. I had searched and searched under creative commons and did not come up with the quality images I was looking for. So I decided to take my own photographs.

Then I was referred to try google chrome and search wylio free pictures. All you need is a gmail address and sign in with google. It has the image coder already there so you can copy the html code and paste it and insert it quickly into your blog or website.

I highly recommend this website has given me the confidence to not give up even if you don’t achieve the results at first and it takes you until friday to work it out then thats ok! Give yourself the time to learn the skills and you’ll get it eventually!!

Download google chrome here.
'Google Chrome (LCD screen)' photo (c) 2009, Mr Seb - license:

Tip of the Week


On reflection of this weeks learning path, its been a busy one! I have changed my browser to safari and found this to be a better way to keep track of everything. I did a prezi presentation and found it was too long. Rather than editing it I decided to do a wix website for my assignment 1 instead. Along the way I have learn’t a lot about these two programs and managed through various technical difficulties. Im glad I did both and now I have increased my knowledge of the topic and discovered how the same information can be presented in different ways. My technical skills are increasing and I feel I am progressing towards achieving the goals I have made for this course.