ICT Problem – Help

ICT Problem using Test Framework

1.         What is the task?

  • Manage incoming messages from umail, forums, blogs and diigo EDC3100 group.

2.         What environment will you undertake this task?

  • Home office set up in the lounge room during school hours
  • Interruptions may occur from 3pm with my two children so I will move my laptop and workspace into my bedroom
  • Study tools – Mac computer and iphone

3.         What skills do you need?

  • Knowledge of Mac OSX.10.7, iphone skills, ability to install and navigate through apps
  • Combining apps and make links or sync together
  • Skills to develop – work through steps to learn the process of how to navigate around new apps or computer based programs to send and receive messages
  • Ability to find settings and make adjustments for a variety of programs.

4.         What tools are available and which suit?

  • Its important to keep informed about the tools available by subscribing to applicable websites such as apple care, searching on google, finding instructions and how to do steps using utube to help you increase your productivity and save time
  • Have access to stable internet, iphone apps, mac online support, network of professional relationships (uni friends) who may be experiencing the same problems as we work together to solve iT issues we encounter
  • To be efficient I have installed and linked twitter and wordpress apps to keep up to date with blog posts on my iphone
  • I have subscribed to the diigo group and have emails alerts linked to my email app on my iphone
  • The gmail app on my phone has primary emails from USQ and I have created tabs within the umail to separate incoming messages from EDX2190 and EDC3100.
  • Teacher’s messages have been marked with a star so important messages are easily accessible

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