Check out popcorn maker this is another way to present information in an engaging way.  This week has been information overload, so much to learn, so much to read the options are endless.  What a wonderful way to get immersed into the world of information and technology.  During this week we have had the opportunity to be creative and use our imagination on how we present our ideas by making decision on which ic’ts we will use for our Assignments and Prac. We have been encountering problems to solve and engaging in ‘social connectivism’ through twitter, diigo and blogg pages to share information.  What a better way to teach a teacher!  we first experience it ourselves and then share our experiences with students, this is partners in learning in action.  This brings together the ‘what’ to teach and ‘how’ to teach as pedagogical content knowledge, (Shulman, 1986, p. 309). This is a significant part of what a teacher needs to know to plan engaging lessons for our students.


Churchill, R. (2011). Teaching: making a difference. Milton, QLD:John Wiley and Sons.


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