Preparing for Prac – PKN

Where will you be going?

A  large local private school located in South Brisbane –  placement with Grade 1

People I will be in contact with?

  • Primary school Principal
  • Teaching Director for teaching and learning
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Parents and students
  • Other University Pre-service Teachers

What do I need to do to get prepared?

  • Smart Dress – elite school with a high reputation
  • Follow protocols if unsure will ask a mentor
  • Find out what computer system they use including ipad apps they use and practice at home
  • Find out what resources they have available and what websites and equipment they have we can use

What resources do i need?

  • My personal teachers diary, my iphone and mac laptop
  • Unit plans and Calender for the weeks planned activities
  • Internet access
  • Teachers recommendations

Who can help me along the way?

  • USQ EDC3100 Teacher
  • Mentor Teachers from previous pracs
  • On Site Mentor Teacher
  • Early Childhood & Primary Specialisation student teachers and teachers

Who are the students that are doing something different to me?

  • Students and teachers specialising in secondary teaching
  • Students and teachers specialising in early childhood
  • Mentor teachers with a fixed mindset
  • People with different morals and beliefs

What tools will help me?

  • Access to iphone to keep up to date with emails, forums, blogs and diigo messages.
  • Computer and internet access including access to timetable of daily lessons and unit plans
  • Face to Face interaction with mentor teachers
  • Attending school meetings and information sessions

How to use tools effectively?

  • Ask for school’s permission to use personal iphone and mac computer to plan lessons
  • Find out if there is a lockable drawer to keep personal belongings and equipment safe during lunch breaks
  • Do a practice run of using ipad, smartboard or computer software to ensure its working

How will you achieve this?

  • Using tools effectively will mean planning at home and being organised before arriving to school
  • Manage time wisely by making notes in evernote app and using a personal teachers diary to write down the classroom’s daily routine
  • Keep up to date with changes or adjustments to the daily timetable by communicating effectively with the mentor teacher
  • Print lesson plans to use and share a copy with the teacher
  • Create to do lists in evernote app on iphone
  • Access internet in library during lunchtimes if required
  • Meet with team teachers and participate during planning sessions

Ready to go!


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