Where to from here?

To successfully move forward, The plan is to: Image

  • PLAN – Be organised, create a list using evernote app on my iphone
  • Set time limits, avoid getting stuck in a problem take a break and come back later
  • SEE – Select and save resources that are visually appealing for the assignment and prac
  • Stay connected by reading important messages quickly by using feedly
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with colleagues and teachers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Take time to stop and reflect before making any decisions
  • DO – Start with a positive attitude
  • The school’s computer operating system and how they network
  • How to access the computer labs and ipads
  • The programs, software and apps they use
  • The safety precautions and rules of when and how they will use equipment
  • Systems and processes when a problem occurs
  • Time available
  • Refer to curriculum documents to plan ict experiences that align with the learning outcomes
  • Consider students age and prior knowledge and experience
  • Provide appropriate choice that links to the goals of the lesson and integrate with other subjects
  • Plan lessons that allow freedom for creativity and extension activities
  • Integrate ict through discussion with students and spontaneous teachable moments
  • Use a variety of Icts through rotation activities
  • Prepare safe work spaces with fully charged ipads and check computers have stable internet access
  • Test equipment before class begins

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