What is Parallels Desktop?

Parrallel is how Mac users are able to use windows based programs along side their mac. Today I contacted the school I am doing my prac with and they said they are a microsoft school but use multiple devices, such as android, apple and windows tablets. The network they run is web based and they said its ok for me to use my Mac and connect it through the web network WOW! How things have changed. This schools is incorporating a variety of devices to use for different purposes which is what it is like in the real world, how smart. The message I get from this is that as teachers we need to become familiar with a wide variety of platforms and devices because that is what the students will be using. Gone are the days of using one way to complete a task. We need to find the right device to suit the purpose of what we are trying to achieve.

I have installed a 14 day trial and will be looking in to purchasing the parrallel for windows 8. There will always be continual upgrades and we need to keep are eyes on whats happening now!

For more information click here.


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