App Pick of the Week

Apps I like

Click on the picture to find out more. One of our tasks this week was to select one resource from a google spreadsheet. I liked this one because it is quick and great for positive encouragement in the classroom. We addressed the following questions:

In what context might it be used?

  • Teachers in some classrooms spend more than 50% of class time managing behavior rather than delivering instruction and this app will help increase teaching time so the students focus on learning and developing positive behaviours.
  • Students receive instant notifications about homework and behaviour rewards in class
  • Collect information for parent interviews

 Why it helps student learning?

  • Research suggests that if there is a shorter time between an action and feedback the greater the reinforcement. Specific praise and reinforcement helps student to develop a sense of purpose, and enhances intrinsic motivation over time.
  • Encourages students to set goals and monitor their progress.
  • Students can visually see their behaviour in a positive learning environment.


  • Quick record of attendance
  • Options to customize for class
  • Behaviour tracking analytics and reports
  • Can be used on whiteboard, tablets, phones, ipod
  • You can add and delete points
  • Student version

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