This weeks Tip


This week has been challenging to say the least, I have been engaged with so many new technology’s I feel like my brain is blinking! In the last blackboard collaborate session I acquired a new skill that I’m so excited to share, I can now write on the blackboard with fellow students. This was a highlight for me because I tended to be the type of person to think I’ll just use the basics, I wasn’t confident enough to try something new. Experiencing the benefits of technology in this environment helps me to be open minded and explore new ways to plan for interactive lessons in the classroom. This opportunity has challenged me and encouraged me to keep on trying new things. If it doesn’t work out the first time there is usually another way of getting there. This course has brought out my creative side which I am truly thankful for. I look forward to the freedom ict offers to be unique and choose resources that will suit the context of our classroom in the future.


3 thoughts on “This weeks Tip

    • Thanks Isabella, Im about to start this weeks learning path and am procrastinating. Thank you for reminding me to “feel the fear and just do it” because sometimes it turns out differently to what we may first think. Michelle

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