The Search is on….

It’s Friday and finally I have had success! The image from this weeks tip was taken from a search using google chrome browser and wylio’s website. It worked, Yeah! This week has been an endless task of learning how to find quality images for our assignment. We discovered the importance of making reference and attribution to the owners of images that we use in our presentations. I had searched and searched under creative commons and did not come up with the quality images I was looking for. So I decided to take my own photographs.

Then I was referred to try google chrome and search wylio free pictures. All you need is a gmail address and sign in with google. It has the image coder already there so you can copy the html code and paste it and insert it quickly into your blog or website.

I highly recommend this website has given me the confidence to not give up even if you don’t achieve the results at first and it takes you until friday to work it out then thats ok! Give yourself the time to learn the skills and you’ll get it eventually!!

Download google chrome here.
'Google Chrome (LCD screen)' photo (c) 2009, Mr Seb - license:


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