What’s the Difference Between “Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”?

Week 9 Learning Path reminds me to take another look at this table about effectively integrating technology.


Recently, I’ve been noticing that a lot of instructors are under the impression that they are successfully integrating technology, when in fact they are simply using technology. Although this might seem to some as just semantics, in my opinion there is a huge difference between the two – a difference that can be seen in the impact the technology usage has on student learning.

In an effort to better delineate between “using technology” and “technology integration,” I created the chart below to that highlights what I believe are the key differences. Let me know what you think!

Tech Use Vs. Tech Integration

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Hello week 9!

Preparing for prac hints and tips.

Kiera Hamling's blog

Week 8 and assignment 2 are all finished now and it is time to begin week 9! 

The first part of the week 9 learning path alerts me again about professional experience, module 3 and assignment 3! This is a little daunting! In my previous blog post I was really anxious, nervous and frustrated not knowing my placement but after reading Cassie’s blog, she has spread her enthusiasm about beginning prac this semester. I agree with her in the fact that I am dying to get to know my mentor and learn all about how she/ he incorporates ICT’s in the classroom. 


A great mentor teacher can make the professional experience a lot easier and very enjoyable. So my question to my fellow bloggers is: What makes a great mentor teacher? Please comment with your thoughts

Personally I am hoping my mentor teacher 

  •  is friendly and welcoming
  • introduces me to the…

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Top 20 tips for landing a teaching job

This blog is for student teachers approaching the end of their degree or for keen students who want to know what lies ahead. This blog connects to Laura Candlers teaching resources that are posted on a Facebook page with advice from teachers who are out on the job as a beginning teacher. As much as I am looking forward to starting out teaching, there is still concern on how to land that first contract. Its amazing how much support is available for us all we need to do is connect with others and we can discuss any concerns that may arise. This is teachers helping teachers in action!

Minecraft helps students on Autism Spectrum

‘Minecraft is shaping a generation’ Check out this blog about how our public schools need to become more Autism friendly by Laura Mckenna. Id add to her comments and suggest Private schools need to become Autism friendly too! Its interesting and worth checking out. The more I find out about how technology can help students with special needs the more hope I have for my son and other students who suffer from this complex condition. I am always looking for new information or strategies to help all my students but have a real concern for the rise in learning difficulties in today’s classrooms.

Guess What? Minecraft is really educational!

'Lan Minecraft' photo (c) 2012, Frédéric BISSON - license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
This is an interesting picture. Does this show how classrooms will look in the future?

After reading various blogs about lesson planning I came across Amanda Middleton’s post titled DR GEE-What an interesting interview, which persuaded me to research further about Minecraft and how there is a range of evidence to support gaming to be a great way to support students educational goals. This is great news to many parents and teachers who are aware of the popular children’s game. Check out this article I found about minecraft.

Gaming has many benefits as it can develop children’s creativity and problem solving skills. It makes sense to use games they are already interested in. The challenge will be how do we keep student’s interest and motivation to do more as minecraft does? I wonder what their secret is?

If you would like to watch the interview with Dr James Gee its worth a look click here.

Getting ICT ready for prac!

Thanks to Dani’s post I was reminded about trying to keep up to date with all the changes occurring in schools with technology. The school I will be attending has recently changed over to windows 8! I am looking forward to working with students using this software.

But I am going to be working with Grade 1, Oh No!  I may be disadvantaged because there is little ICT opportunities available for students to use at this young age. They are not allowed to use iPads yet, but what can they use?  Then Dani suggested a video to watch about how smart boards are easy to use. What a relief! I too was starting to feel nervous about Prac and after watching this video I am confident there are many opportunities I can use to enhance learning through the use of ICT’s even if it means using the only available devices such as smart boards and class computers. So far I have not had the opportunity to use smart boards on Prac because there were internet problems or teachers didn’t want to use them. This time I look forward to having a real world experience with smart boards and I am sure I will tap into my creative side to ensure students are able to enhance their learning through the lessons I plan. 



Ensuring safe inquiry based learning activites

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To ensure that students are accessing a safe internet source is I’m sure always on an every educators mind when allowing the students to access the internet for research. Having educators review the available  resources the students can access is important, although by having a student type the wrong thing can result with students viewing or reading inappropriate information, resources or images. I came across a variety of different resources that educators can utilize to overcome this issue of cyber safety. These resources allow parents and educators the confidence and assurance that the students are accessing websites that are safe online, in particular for inquiry based learning activities where students are relied upon to gather their own information. I hope everyone else finds these a great find and help!
Kidsrex : Kidsrex is a fun and safe search engine for children to access to retrieve reliable information and resources. Kidsrex…

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