5 e’s Instruction model

I relate to Richards Gerrand’s blog post and Bronwyn Craig who discuss the 5e instructional model. For more information check out Victoria – Department of Early Childhood and Development website, which provides resources for teachers to support the implementation of the 5e’s.

I enjoy working with the 5e instructional model and have just completed another group assignment using this method for a historical inquiry. This post has allowed me to reflect on what I have prepared for my ICT rich unit as well. On professional experience I have delivered a lesson that included the 5e’s and it is very effective especially for the younger students.

It was also interesting to learn in History/Geography that there is another framework that encourages students to be more self directed in their learning.

Another Inquiry Framework
1. Tuning in – Creating a need to know
2. Investigating/Exploring – Data Collection/Data analysis and interpretation
3. Organising Information – making sense of data, further exploration
4. Drawing Conclusions – Evaluate and draw conclusions
5. Reflecting – Reflection

It allowed me to see through the students lens of how they would experience the inquiry themselves. I learnt that the 5e’s was designed more for the teachers instruction. This new framework we were encouraged to use is more student centred and I could see a different perspective when I compared the frameworks side by side. It was recommended for older students to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to be more self directed in their learning.


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