Can ICT tools be used to suit Aboriginal Learning Pedagogies?

I am planning another UoW in History and found it interesting to read this article – Can ICT tools be used to suit Aboriginal Learning Pedagogies? Teachers are expected to integrate ICT rich learning experiences for our students but what if there are cultural considerations to be made?

This Article discusses the main disadvantage to Indigenous peoples is lack of access and support. If we can provide access with support for all students to engage with a variety of technologies at school this will ensure educational opportunities remain reasonably fair.

We should not assume our students have access to computers at home as this will disadvantage some students if they are required to complete homework online as the only way to be graded.  As teachers it is our responsibility to ensure we have a flexible inclusive classroom that caters to all students individual learning needs.

I have been thinking about the different dynamics that are in the classrooms that I have created for my assignments and how important it is to know each student’s individual learning needs when planning for the ICT and History UoW.  

We live in a multi-cultural society where there may be other students that require cultural considerations and adjustments so it is important to keep in mind differentiation tasks when planning units of work.   


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