Getting ICT ready for prac!

Thanks to Dani’s post I was reminded about trying to keep up to date with all the changes occurring in schools with technology. The school I will be attending has recently changed over to windows 8! I am looking forward to working with students using this software.

But I am going to be working with Grade 1, Oh No!  I may be disadvantaged because there is little ICT opportunities available for students to use at this young age. They are not allowed to use iPads yet, but what can they use?  Then Dani suggested a video to watch about how smart boards are easy to use. What a relief! I too was starting to feel nervous about Prac and after watching this video I am confident there are many opportunities I can use to enhance learning through the use of ICT’s even if it means using the only available devices such as smart boards and class computers. So far I have not had the opportunity to use smart boards on Prac because there were internet problems or teachers didn’t want to use them. This time I look forward to having a real world experience with smart boards and I am sure I will tap into my creative side to ensure students are able to enhance their learning through the lessons I plan. 




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