Guess What? Minecraft is really educational!

'Lan Minecraft' photo (c) 2012, Frédéric BISSON - license:
This is an interesting picture. Does this show how classrooms will look in the future?

After reading various blogs about lesson planning I came across Amanda Middleton’s post titled DR GEE-What an interesting interview, which persuaded me to research further about Minecraft and how there is a range of evidence to support gaming to be a great way to support students educational goals. This is great news to many parents and teachers who are aware of the popular children’s game. Check out this article I found about minecraft.

Gaming has many benefits as it can develop children’s creativity and problem solving skills. It makes sense to use games they are already interested in. The challenge will be how do we keep student’s interest and motivation to do more as minecraft does? I wonder what their secret is?

If you would like to watch the interview with Dr James Gee its worth a look click here.


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