Tips on Lesson Planning!

Heres my growing list of what to remember when planning 

  • Get to know the students and their names first
  • Find out about their interests backgrounds and culture
  • Find out any special needs that need to be catered for
  • What programs will interrupt their routine?
  • What is their routine?
  • How do they work in groups? What is their prior knowledge?
  • What resources do they use for differentiation tasks?
  • What behaviour management techniques are used?
  • What kinds of things that students respond well to?
  • What resources are available? Will I have access?
  • Philosophy of education- what are the schools priorities?
  • What back up plans do I need to make?
  • How have other teachers taught this topic?
  • What type of assessment will be beneficial for students?
  • What strategies does the mentor teacher use?
  • How does the mentor introduce and conclude lessons?
  • What technology is available?
  • How are the needs of all students being met?
  • What are the school policies about ICT use.?
  • Ensure the safety of the students during activities
  • Follow school protocols
  • Ensure you read through your plan first before you teach it
  • Know the content
  • Develop good essential questions and plan them?
  • Ask mentor teacher to review your plan before you start
  • Plan ahead have everything ready to start your lesson including Resources
  • Prepare a model example to share 
  • Don’t forget to provide positive feedback to students.
  • Plan a check point to check for student understanding.
  • Include activities that include opportunities for social and emotional development
  • Think about the most appropriate way to group students
  • Are they familiar with group work or think pair share?
  • Discuss with students the reason for doing this lesson 
  • Tell the students what is going to happen, what are the expectations? Step by step routine
  • Plan extension activities for fast finishers ensure students know what to do when they have finished
  • Plan Explicit instructions for younger students
  • Provide choice that is not confusing for them
  • Ask your mentor to check your plan and make adjustments during break times if necessary
  • Make the plan flexible
  • Involve students in sharing their prior knowledge and experience
  • Lesson learned don’t believe what you hear, check it out for yourself! Double check everything!

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