What is PYP?

Im sold on my prac school!! i have just been reading about my school on their website. I have found policies I need to know and groups they belong to. So whats PYP all about? (PYP) stands for Primary Years Programme.
Its a program designed for students aged 3-12 focused on encompasing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. My prac school in Brisbane received official international baccalaureate.

International baccalaurite learners strive to be:

Open minded
Risk takers

Lesson Learned dont always believe what u hear! I was told my prac school was catholic it turns out its an Ecumanical college. That is interesting word – adjective
1. general; universal.
2. pertaining to the whole Christian church.
3. promoting or fostering Christian unity throughout the world.
Ive never heard of that before have you?

I am so glad I spent the time getting to know my school as much as I could through the website, its definitely worth the time.


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