A letter to me on my first day of teaching!

Teaching Matters. This is a fantastic video about teaching on the first day, it fits in well with our upcoming professional experience.

If you’d like to read more about it this is the Angela Maiers blog post.

Important points to remember – 9 things Teachers do gladly.

No matter how many standards you need to check off, how many IEPs you’re monitoring, how many tests your students sit for, or how often you’re asked to shift gears:

1. You do what you are born to do. You do what you are called to do.
2. You do what students need you to do.
3. You make time to touch their hearts every day.
4. You look into students’ eyes, and they see in yours that you love them.
5. You serve as the voice of reason, courage and hope.
6. You assure them with your poise and presence that the world is a beautiful place, and that they are beautiful creatures.
7. You tell them that they matter, that they are geniuses, and that the world needs their contribution.
8. You choose your words carefully, so that those words help students envision success, stretch their thinking, and advance independent behaviors and actions. Well-chosen, impactful words will stick with your students the rest of their lives.
9. You TEACH.
You can make a difference, teaching matters!


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