Citizenship for Kids: Character education, social responsibility and more!

This week has been very busy as I met with my mentor teacher to find out about the context of my school and review an example unit plan. They use the PYP Curriculum alongside the Australian Curriculum. Oh! what a challenge, I am only getting my head around the Australian Curriculum now.  I am so glad I planned ahead so I could learn more about the way the school operates.

As I was delving deeper into the Primary Years Program I was drawn to the  learner profile tab and it was all about citizenship for kids which was fitting for this weeks topic on Digital Citizenship. When I was reading about the program I came across another acronym IB! Oh dear something else? I thought,  What is IB? IB is Inquiry Based Learning and the PYP implements Units of Inquiry (UOI) in their lesson planning.  

Then I find out about Trans-discliplinary learning within the PYP. What does this mean and how will I plan lessons?

Trans-disciplinary approach refers to learning that is authentic and relevant to the real world. Learning is not confined by traditional subjects but is supported and enriched by them. Each Trans-disciplinary Theme encompasses a vast swath of universal understandings common to all of humanity and open enough to embrace a variety of content areas. For example the theme; Who we are, explores the nature of self, our personal beliefs and values, our personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health, human relationships, our rights and responsibilities and what it is to be human. This Trans-disciplinary Theme is deeply investigated through different questions and explorations throughout the students learning journey, leaving them with a layered understanding of themselves and the connections they have with the rest of humanity. 

My professional experience school implements PYP and uses a trans-disciplinary approach to planning units of inquiry.  This is an excellent opportunity to see how students can access our global world through a school program that integrates ICT into almost every lesson!

My mentor teacher shared with me that only 400 schools in the world use this program and I am sure as time progresses many more will be drawn to it.  WOW what an opportunity! 



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