Backwards Design fan!

I am a backwards design fan as a Mum of a child with Autism, going backwards comes in handy because thats how they learn best!! Thanks to Denise’s post with a captivating title: Caution, Im reversing it was definitely appealing to me. Planning with the end in mind seems odd at first but after planning numerous lessons it has made more sense  with experience. I have found it to be an effective approach to planning engaging lessons that meet the objectives of the curriculum. By planning the assessment task first then building the lesson sequences to ensure the skills are targeting first before students attempt the task it has various benefits. Backwards design allows teachers to reflect on what they have planned and ensure that the lessons flow and align to the summative assessment. 

If you haven’t purchased the textbook Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe I highly recommend it! All the best for planning success during prac.


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