Learning Intentions Made Explicit

Explicit Teaching was posted by tamara, thank you for sharing. I was  inspired by your post to share an experience I had on prac. As part of an explicit teaching practice we used a visual learning intention checklist, so the students could tick off each stage as they progressed. It was an excellent tool to see who was understanding the task and who needed help.

Drafts look like this:

I am learning to: write about my animal’s habitat
I can:   Use my KWL chart.
  Tell the reader what my habitat is.
  Tell the reader what my habitat looks like. 
  Use Adjectives in my writing.

You can add whatever pictures you like and fit it to the context of the lesson. I loved it because it focused on what the lesson was trying to achieve and It mean’t the students had clear instructions and expectations in front of them. It was a great motivation tool.

I was fortunate enough to work at a school that used colour printed images in almost every lesson. I can see how colour pictures helps students in the younger years and is worth the cost. I plan to use a colour printer at home to ensure lessons are visually appealing because that alone helps enhance student learning. I will be definately using these in my lesson planning for the future!!


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