You Can do it !

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With the increasing use of technology students are expected to transition from the traditional hardbook covered book and read ebooks. I am the type of student who loves a book to hold in my hand. In the past two courses through university I found myself printing out reams of paper to just have that experience to “hold it in my hand”. During the courses I have read ebooks where I had to but my preference is a hard copy of a book.

This course has given me greater experience of learning to read ebooks and adjusting the the change.  I was introduced to the term moodle books. What is moodle?  The teachers use this to create books to teach university students and add links and videos and tasks to complete. What a great tool we are experiencing.

This brings reading an ebook to life and I can see how students would benefit from this experience. Some students have trouble doing homework using a moodle will make it interactive and visually appealing I am sure this would be one interesting way to present homework.

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App Pick of the Week

Apps I like

Click on the picture to find out more. One of our tasks this week was to select one resource from a google spreadsheet. I liked this one because it is quick and great for positive encouragement in the classroom. We addressed the following questions:

In what context might it be used?

  • Teachers in some classrooms spend more than 50% of class time managing behavior rather than delivering instruction and this app will help increase teaching time so the students focus on learning and developing positive behaviours.
  • Students receive instant notifications about homework and behaviour rewards in class
  • Collect information for parent interviews

 Why it helps student learning?

  • Research suggests that if there is a shorter time between an action and feedback the greater the reinforcement. Specific praise and reinforcement helps student to develop a sense of purpose, and enhances intrinsic motivation over time.
  • Encourages students to set goals and monitor their progress.
  • Students can visually see their behaviour in a positive learning environment.


  • Quick record of attendance
  • Options to customize for class
  • Behaviour tracking analytics and reports
  • Can be used on whiteboard, tablets, phones, ipod
  • You can add and delete points
  • Student version