Learning path complete, Now its time to Reflect…

It’s now time to reflect on our professional experience and what a big three weeks it has been. During the learning path I came across points about “the Reflective Teacher” which I found to be very useful to start preparing for Assignment 3. 

What is Reflection and Why do we need to do it? Check out Why we need to Reflect? 

Bloom Reflection raises these questions for us to consider when reflecting on our work and lesson plans.

Q 1. What did I do?

Q 2. Did I meet my goals?

Q 3. When did I do this before? Where can I do it again?

Q 4. Did I see any patterns or relationships?

Q 5. How well did I do ? What worked or needs improvement?

Q 6. What should I do next?

Check out Ashleigh’s post about her experience. I too will miss my students, it’s hard when you finally get comfortable after 3 weeks then you have to leave.  Look how far we have all come. This IT course has been full on!! but I am sure we all have learn’t so much that will help us as future teachers. My reflection about the course is that even though there was many things to quickly learn and adjust to it has been a very worthwhile course to engage in and I leave with a positive feeling about using ICT in the classroom.



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